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→ Art Direction
→ Original Concept
→ Research & Analysis
→ Content Planning & Strategy
→ Photography & Photo Edit
→ Production

Project done at @codeastudio
Guaret is a yoga and nutrition project from Mallorca. To create the visual identity of the brand, we decided to evoke the wilder aspects of the island. The art direction of the project is based on the concept of "a conscious rebirth", meaning awareness of one's own body through the practice of yoga and nutrition. The naming, on the other hand, comes from the Majorcan word for “fallow”, an agricultural technique through which the land is left to rest for a certain period to enhance next crops. Rest and healing are concepts that form the basis of the entire visual direction of the project.

The art direction also plays with raw textures and a color palette inspired by the chromatic characteristics of the island. The visual identity contrasts delicate tones in photos and still lifes with the "hardness" of the lettering and the logo.