Beatrice Fiumi is a Freelance Creative & Art Director based in Barcelona. Throughout her professional career, she has developed a multidisciplinary profile that branches out from art direction to brand identity, content creation, copywriting, and conceptualization of advertising campaigns. Given her background as a teacher of conceptualization in two master's programs, her work is inspired by the ongoing analysis and research of current and past trends in these dynamic fields. She currently teaches in two master's programs at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and SHIFTA, as well as Elisava’s Summer School.
Art Direction and Audiovisual Creativity
Art Direction in Digital Media
Art Direction and New Narratives

(Also) Random creative/graphic/illustrated stuff HERE


Lecturing & Teaching

{2022 - Present}
• Master in Art Direction and Audiovisual Creativity, SHIFTA by ELISAVA Barcelona
• Master in Art Direction and New Narratives, ELISAVA, Barcelona
• Art Direction in Digital Media, ELISAVA Summer School, Barcelona 
• Guest Lecturer at SHIFTA’s webinar: Art direction, synthesis and creative transmutation  

Freelance Creative & Art Director
{2022 - Present}
• Breakers Management, Barcelona Spain
• Summa Branding, Barcelona, Spain
This is Odd, Barcelona, Barcelona
Aranda Agency, Barcelona, Spain
• Dragons, Barcelona, Spain

Creative Director
Kiwi Bravo, Barcelona, Spain

Creative & Art Director
{2019 - 2021}
Codea Studio, Barcelona, Spain

Art Director
{2019 - 2020}
Fantastic Mr Nilsson / Mafer Navas Barcelona, Spain

Junior Graphic & Editorial Designer
Mostaza Comunicación, Barcelona, Spain

Junior Motion and Graphic Designer
Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Internship Video editor & Graphic Designer
Civic City, Geneva, Suisse


Master in Art Direction and Communication Strategies
ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain

Som e Imagem
Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Oporto, Portugal

Product Design and Communication Degree
ISIA Faenza Design, Faenza, Italy



This is Odd
  • Rebranding
  • Creative concept / Graphic Design / Art Direction
  • Project done in collaboration whit Valentina Pulian

I was in charge of the rebranding process for creative agency This Is Odd. The identity was anchored in the creative concept "Curious Mind in Motion." The visual imagery  had to encompass its young and dynamic spirit whilst conveying their  digital fingerprint and DNA. Curiosity and dynamism are expressed through a graphic representation of two eyes, symbolizing their ongoing quest for knowledge.  
The logo features a skewed O (reinforcing the “odd” component) and a serif typography that transmits elegance and sophistication. This main typography is combined with a more cartoonish one, thus stricking a balance between their professional and young / dynamic nature.

White Rabbit
The Off-Museum of Barcelona

  • Branding
  • Art Direction / Graphic Design
  • Project done in collaboration whit Summa Branding

I was in charge of the branding process for the White Rabbit Museum in Barcelona. Located on Paseo de Gracia, the museum aims to bring together various artists to express and showcase Catalan culture, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for visitors. The main objective was to represent the fun, bold, and rebellious tone of the museum through a colorful and playful identity. 
The logo features a simplified sketch of a rabbit using a brush, which is also incorporated into 
customized hand-drawn typography that I created using my calligraphy and adapted to the contrasting Geomatist font, a bold sans-serif font. To emphasize the presence of the white rabbit throughout the identity, I also created different circular and spiral lines that evoke the rabbit's jumps. The color palette is a combination of yellow, green, orange, and violet. These colors, when mixed and matched, create a vibrant and fearless result that complements the other graphic elements.

Todas las Flores 
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Creative Concept &  Art Direction
  • Project done at Codea Studio
Todas las Flores is a theatrical play written and directed by Bárbara Mestanza. The piece, which was premiered at Sala Beckett, takes place in a gloomy and apocalyptic setting in which the 5 women who star in it must face the end of the world. After reading, analyzing and reflecting on the script, we crystalised the concept that served as the common thread for the whole campaign: “the transformation of suffering”.The art direction is marked by the use of red, body textures and chiaroscuro, also featuring the element that unites all the pieces by symbolizing putrefaction: flies.
The typographies and letterings used for each character are also inspired by biblical gotic typography.


Arianna Pasini
  • Album Artworks 
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Photography by Chiara Gambuto
"Verso una casa" is the new album by Arianna Pasini: a project that bridges the gap between singer-songwriter music and indie-rock, characterized by honest lyrics and refined productions. More than ten years after writing her first song, Arianna Pasini's debut album is finally seeing the light of day. It's been a growth process that hasn't been corrupted by the adrenaline collected on stage with various bands, but rather, has taught the artist from Ravenna to craft each song in a tailored manner.The art direction is marked by the use of broken guidelines, mono typography, and mosaic composition. The main objective was to reflect the album title "Verso una casa, Towards a Home" visually, creating compositions that appear unstable and are in the process of being built but convey a sense of unity when viewed as a whole. It represents the search for an inner home, which is not always easy to find. The illustration made for the album launch is constructed with uncertain brushstrokes, representing that naive part of us that is discovering where and how to express itself.

Good News
  • Super Good Drinks Campaign
  • Art Direction / Creative Concept / Graphic Design
  • Project done in collaboration with Velentina Pulian & This is Odd


  • Branding
  • Creative Concept / Art Direction / Brand Strategy / Photography
  • Project done at Codea Studio

Guaret is a yoga and nutrition project from Mallorca. To create the visual identity of the brand, we decided to evoke the wilder aspects of the island. Rest and healing are concepts that form the basis of the entire visual direction of the project.  The naming, on the other hand, comes from the Majorcan word for “fallow”, an agricultural technique through which the land is left to rest for a certain period to enhance next crops.The art direction also plays with raw textures and a color palette inspired by the chromatic characteristics of the island. The visual identity contrasts delicate tones in photos and still lifes with the "hardness" of the lettering and the logo.

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Creative Concept / Art Direction 
  • Project done at Codea Studio

Sucia is a theatrical play written, directed and performed by Bárbara Mestanza. The piece discusses rape and the way today’s society reacts to it. It highlights how the media exploits pain and suffering in cases of abuse. For the Sucia campaign I worked on the following concept: the spectacularization of suffering. The art direction of the pieces is inspired by typical paparazzi photos and the entire universe of tabloids. To promote the work, different pieces were created for social media, such as several posters and a teaser inspired by interviews with victims who do not want to speak on camera. I was also in charge of the production, management and photographic retouching of the pieces.The typography logo, distinguished by its geometry and angles, reflects strength and presence. It is complemented by the integration of halftone textures into photography to achieve an identifying element useful for other assets and contents.

A Noa
  • Film Poster Design
  • Graphic Design

Director Dani Fortuny
Producción Playtime Movies @primocontent @lapiscina @dani_delaorden @anissimas @bernatsaumell @martinkalina
Director de fotografía @romanmartinezdebujo
Música original @sonaos.tv_danitrujillomusic
Guión @claudiamelo__ y Dani Fortuny
Montaje Dani Fortuny
Color @marcmorato_colorist
Sonido Fran Paredes y Marc Solà
Diseño 3D @j.p.artist
Maquillaje @cristinaguda
Diseño gráfico @beatricefiumi
Arte @extrasoft_

Breakers Management
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design / Art Direction / Brand Strategy

Breakers is a talent agency based in Barcelona. For this project, I  crafted the Brand Identity of the agency through the concept of 'Chain Breakers.' I developed a visual universe that encapsulates the client's needs: unconventional, modern, disruptive, and assertive. The typography logo, distinguished by its geometry and angles, reflects strength and presence. It is complemented by the integration of halftone textures into photography to achieve an identifying element useful for other assets and contents.